Surrey Sports Park

Hello everyone:

Hope you are all well. As I promised last time, today I am going to introduce you to The Surrey Sports Park.

Surrey Sports Park is a £36m excellent training venue own by the University of Surrey, which is located about 15 minutes walk from the campus. It is interesting to know that the Park is hosted 16 Olympic and Paralympic teams for pre-London 2012 training camps, this includes team Great Britain (GB) Basketball, USA Triathlon, Singapore and Chinese Synchronised Swimming team. Champions Harlequins Rugby Union permanently trains in the Park, for this reason, there are sometimes in the week that small area of the weight training is reserved for the Rugby players, but this usually won’t cause any inconvenience.

There is a 50-meter Olympic standard size swimming pool that is opened to the public, so if you are a swimming fan, this would be ideal for you.

If you are not a swimming fan don’t worry, there is a lot more to do; gym and strength and conditioning area is the most popular place where you can use the machines and weights. It is very spacious and clean by the way. For indoor activates there are six squash courts, two large exercise studios which are suitable for basketball, volleyball and badminton. Also for those who are interested in group activates, classes such as kickboxing, Yoga, Body Balance, Body Combat and Zumba are very popular. They are many more classes that you can join if you wish.

My favourite one is Zumba and balanceJ

Also, for outdoor activates there are tennis and football courts around the central complex. I will add some photos of the Park for you as well. Most of the students are a member of the Park, as a student we get a superb discount for annul membership which allows you to use all the facilities at any time of the day and many hours as you want. Also, if you are good at a particular sport, at the beginning of each year there is a selection day that you go and play, and the coach decides if she/he would take you to play for team Surrey against other universities.


Ok guys stay active and have a good day.