Jean Monnet student news

The annual Jean Monnet Studentships provide two final-year Politics students with hands-on experience supporting the research, events and outputs of the Centre for Britain and Europe.

The limits of “no limits”: The Impact of EU Sanctions on the Sino-Russia Relationship

By Sam Moffoot Western Sanctions on Russia The War in Ukraine has been at the forefront of global priorities since the commencement of Russia’s ‘Special Military Operation’ in late February. Many of the world’s largest economies have imposed sanctions in attempts to deter further Russian aggression and persuade the country to seek peace in the […]

We are what we eat: Common Agricultural Policy Reform

Food embodies several critical concepts: scarcity, sustainability, trade, technology – the list goes on. Humans can’t live without food. Yet, in many instances the message around food is paradoxical: we produce too much food, but some people don’t get the necessary amount they need to survive. International trade policy, biosecurity, hygiene and sanitary standards are […]

COVID-19: a spotlight onto the problem of health inequalities

The COVID-19 pandemic, via rate of infection, deaths and vaccine uptake has exposed the existing health inequalities that are embedded in society. It is thus pivotal that we use this increased awareness to act now to reduce these inequalities and improve health outcomes for the entire population. According to Public Health England, health inequalities are […]

The Centre for Britain and Europe and employment

Megan Isherwood, Research Lead for Healthcare and Epidemiology at the Centre for Britain and Europe (CBE), discusses the invaluable skills and opportunities the position has given her. As a Research Associate at CBE, I have gained invaluable experience in research, working on numerous projects commissioned by local government. I have had the opportunity to conduct […]

Climate Change: The Race to Resilience

We are witnessing the effects of climate change first-hand; UK and EU polities are working tirelessly on strategies and plans with aims to curb emissions to limit global surface temperature beyond repair. However, despite significant reductions in emissions, we are going to have to adapt to live with the inevitable rise in temperature and increasing extreme weather patterns.