A new study looking at professional-horse owner conversations about laminitis has been launched at the University of Surrey.

A new study at the University of Surrey is looking at how
professionals and their clients talk about caring for horses with
laminitis. The study aims to understand what makes these
discussions useful. The study is being conducted by Jenny Lynden
as part of her PhD, and is being supervised by Professor Jane Ogden
(School of Psychology) and Dr Teresa Hollands (School of
Veterinary Medicine) in the Faculty of Health and Medical

Jenny has been involved with horses most of her life and owns 2
horses which she keeps in Surrey. She has found the complex
information about laminitis sometimes confusing and difficult to
implement. It is these experiences which have led to her
interest in conducting this research study. Jenny has a
background in psychology and is really interested to compare the
‘equine consult’ with that of the ‘human medical consult’
to see what we can learn from each other.

The study will involve interviewing professionals, observing
professional-client consults and a professional online
discussion. The data will be collected anonymously and
systematically analysed for patterns. These will help Jenny to
identify what interactions are most useful. This in turn will
help professionals and owners to further develop their
understanding of each other and support horse owners in managing
the care of their horses to treat and prevent the re-occurrence
of laminitis.