Made to Measure Materials

Measuring Materials, Making Materials to Measure

Made to measure…Delaminations

Who are you?: Osman Ajmal What is your role?: PhD Researcher What is your work about?: Locating and measuring the growth of embedded delaminations in composite materials. I beg your pardon?: Delaminations are one of the more prevalent forms of defects in composite materials such as Fibre Reinforced Polymers (FRPs). Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) is used […]

Made to Measure…Microscopy

Who are you? Rebecca Tung What is your role? Undergraduate Medical Engineer on industrial placement in the Microstructural Studies Unit at the University of Surrey What is your work about? I help to prepare and characterise materials using a variety of techniques, predominantly scanning electron microscopy based techniques. I beg your pardon? Materials can be examined in […]

Made to Measure…Waste

Who are you?: Dr Jade-Ashlee Cox. What is your role?: Currently a Senior Consultant at Ricardo Energy & Environment. Formerly I was an EngD Researcher on the University of Surrey’s, SEES programme, sponsored by Surrey County Council. What is your work about?:A decision making framework for the sustainable management of household waste. I beg your […]

Made2Measure Heaven: Plasma FIB

Who are you? Dr Mark J. Whiting What is your role? I’m an Academic in the Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences at the University of Surrey. What is your work about? My research centres on the role of microstructure and especially interfaces in the manufacture and performance of advanced metallic materials. One way to study […]

Made to Measure… Printed Solar Cells

Who are you? Harry Cronin What is your role? I’m an EngD Research Engineer at the University of Surrey and DZP Technologies What is your work about? I’m working on the scale-up of printable solar cells based on organic-inorganic halide Perovskite materials. I beg your pardon? Perovskite materials have the general formula ABX3. By changing the atoms or molecules […]

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