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Made to Measure…Placeholder…

If you’ve come here looking for the latest Made2Measure blog post, apologies.  We should be posting incredibly exciting news, but this is still currently under embargo – we hope to be able to bring this to you very soon.   Please keep checking back – the new post will be up as soon as we’re […]

Made to Measure…Cracks

Who are you?:  Souhad Boughanem What is your role?: I was an EngD Research Engineer What is your work about?: Getting cement to crack in a controllable way. I beg your pardon?: Cementitious materials are very brittle.  When subjected to compressive loads, this doesn’t matter, but when in complex/mixed loading conditions or, very rarely, pure […]

Made to Measure…Seals

Who are you?: Paul Yates What is your role?: Ph.D. Researcher What?: Characterisation of glass-to-metal seals I beg your pardon?: Glass-to-metal seals are useful when an electrical feed-through (generally feeding a wire into/out of a component) is required and the system needs to withstand higher pressures or temperatures than could be dealt with by a […]

Made To Measure… Graphite

From time to time on this blog we will provide critical abstracts of key publications we think worthy of special attention because of their significant contribution to the Made-to-Measure Materials agenda. This is the first of these critical abstracts. H. B. Plumbum and B. I. S. Söfta, From 2D to 3D: New Applications for Graphene, […]