Made to Measure Materials

Measuring Materials, Making Materials to Measure

Made to measure…Beryllium

Who are you?: Dr Christopher Mallinson What is your role?: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow What is your work about?: Studying the role of second phase particles in the corrosion of beryllium. I beg your pardon?: During my PhD and postdoc work at the University of Surrey, I investigated how small particles with different compositions affect the […]

(Un)Made to Measure: Sharing Mistakes

Introduction (DAJ) It’s not a new idea – I heard it from Asimov – but the reality of research is not ‘Eureka!’, it’s ‘that’s funny…’. Something you see doesn’t quite make sense, so you look further and keep on digging, perhaps inventing a whole new technique to get to the bottom of things…What actually gets […]

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