Wear a mask & smile with your eyes

We have all been working too hard in these unusual times, adapting to social distancing, lockdowns and hybrid learning.  So, a little fun project I want to do is make a collage of the ‘smiling eyes’ of individuals wearing a mask. This is based on an observation I made while doing a supermarket trolley dance; it is sometimes difficult to discern whether people are smiling under their mask. Interested? – send me a photo, eyes & mask only [note: the outcome may be posted on social media].

The new academic year is now in full swing on the MSci Biochemistry programme at the University of Surrey.  This year we have 10 enthusiastic students who will be writing blogs as part of their assessment on the Communicating Science module.  Please provide the students with feedback, they have been encouraged to post multiple blogs to facilitate their communication in this genre [is that the correct word?], with a final submission to be assessed.

Last year we had our first student cohort on this fantastic programme and feedback from them was that they struggled to adapt their writing to the less formal language of blogs and the likely target audience, which is definitely not an academic in essay-marking mode.  They have had some good advice from Kris H, who used some great examples to discuss blogging and writing in general; in a separate workshop, Heather B discussed sources of information and ‘fake news’.

Understandably, the students are somewhat nervous about writing their blogs; the most difficult bit will be making a start. So, let’s go!

Don’t forget to take care of you!

With smiling eyes, Alfred Thumser