Undertaking a Placement Abroad

Taking a placement overseas is certainly an exciting experience, which brings many opportunities to explore new places and meet new people.   It can also be somewhat daunting.   You may find yourself struggling with the lifestyle and culture in a different country, which can lead to a feeling of isolation.

Have a look at the Expat Curve video which is all about coping with the phases of living abroad.   It will also help you realise that what you are going through is quite common and you will probably be able to pin point when you went through each phase.

You should also look for Facebook groups for people in a similar situation.   The groups that you used when you first arrived to help you find somewhere to live could also turn out to be a good source of friends.   ‘Girls Gone International’ is a Facebook group that comes highly recommended and almost every country has a group and organisers.

Please remember that the University is here to help you if you are struggling.  You will have been assigned a Visiting Tutor for the duration of your placement and you can speak to them about any concerns you may have.   If you feel you cannot speak to your tutor, then make contact with the Placements Team.

Remember that you do not need to struggle in silence.