Surrey meets Pakistan

Hear the perspectives of a current Pakistani student

Weekend Trip to London

Last weekend I made a trip to the capital of the United Kingdom, London from my university. With my examinations of the first semester finished, I had some time to enjoy myself and what better than to travel to one of the best cities in the UK. Due to Covid restrictions, I made this trip […]

Traveling to University from Pakistan

Welcome to my first ever blog where I will be sharing my experience about the time when I first arrived in the UK, my time during the quarantine, and my arrival at the University of Surrey. I departed from Lahore, Pakistan and after an 8-8 ½ hour-long flight, I reached the Heathrow airport in London […]

The final mile

You are on the final mile to completing all your courseworks and exams, the pressure is building, fear of failure or inadequate performance is cultivating. This is a situation most students face during the final zone of semester completion, a moment where all that matters is the end of that time. To get there, one […]

Get through it and enjoy it!

Four months down the lane and feels a day ago since I came here. More months to go, but already have learnt and experienced so much. From frequent travelling to immense studying and project submissions, this semester has been incredible. I do not remember days where I have been free as there is always something […]

Departing soon?

Got the admission, now what? This is the point where a candidate, like me feels excited and await their degree to start to experience an international environment. However, amidst this anticipation, and the wait to escape our existing routines for an exciting experience abroad, it is crucial to have a checklist of the things you […]

The University of Surrey, Why?

Hello everyone! It excites me to represent Pakistan at the University of Surrey and to be provided a platform to communicate with you who are the future of the university. To start with, I came to this lovely Guildford town two months ago to commence my postgraduate in Business Analytics. Born and brought up in […]

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