Applicants for Sept 2016 intake!

Hey Folks!

Sorry for not being regular lately. Since semester two is the final semester for a Masters student, you do get a couple of challenges and tasks that need to be completed on time.

Anyway, today I’ll be focusing on the students willing to start their degree here at University of Surrey in September 2016. If you haven’t already, please start the application process soon. It often gets quite tough towards the end of the application dates. Usually the applications end before the closing date as the number of applications received by the University for a particular degree reach their maximum limit. In order to avoid any disappointments and to ensure you’re selected for the programme of your choice, this is the right time to apply.
Applicants will find all details required to meet the criteria on the specific page for each programme. What I have learnt from my application process is that before you apply, double check whether you have fulfilled all the requirements. List down the requirement criteria and strike off the ones you’ve satisfied and try to complete the others swiftly. Try to avoid applying to any university without completing the checklist. It gives a negative impression and shows how (un)serious an applicant is.

A personal letter has a heavy weightage on your application. Spend quality time in writing your personal letter as it defines who you are and why the University should accept your application. It shouldn’t be very lengthy, but a good letter focusses on your reasons for wanting to study the course and explain how you’re right for the course. In short, sell your self!

Once the application has been submitted, the thing I hated the most was to wait for an answer. But believe me, the wait was worth it! Make sure you don’t the valuable time and start preparing your self for the visa interview. Its not tough, but one has to be well prepared. Not just for the physical interview, but for the entire process. Country specific lists and requirements are given on the UKVI website. Usually the appointments for interview takes time, thereore plan ahead.

I hope you all are as excited as I was!

So the much awaited break is finally here, Easter and Spring break. A month off- the best part of being a student! Sunny days are finally back. I haven’t witnessed three consecutive sunny days since I got here until this week. It actually feels good. I did take a week off and travelled around England, but the best way to make use of the vacations is to get back on track with the modules as we’re almost towards the end of not only the semester, but the entire Masters! On one hand I’m excited as I’ll be done, but on the other I feel sad to be ending my student and university life. Probably once of the best experiences I had studying here.



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