My Journey to UK from Pakistan

Hello Everyone! I am Ahsan Ilyas and I am currently doing my Masters in Mobile and Satellite Communications at the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering. I was born and raised in Karachi and spent there about 19 years of my life before moving to Malaysia for pursuing my undergraduate in Electronic and Communications Engineering.  I’m a very happy going Pakistani student here not just to study but make more friends and explore this side of the world. I will be in contact with all you directly as well as with my blogs.

Well my journey has been very diverse one as spending my undergrad life in Malaysia has taught me a lot of things about living an independent life. It was an experience that has helped me grow a lot as a person where I met a lot of people from different backgrounds from all around the world. Living in Pakistan for 19 years and then moving to a different country for my bachelors was not an easy thing but the experience was worth and that experience was the reason I decided to apply to the UK for my masters.

After completing my undergraduate from University of Nottingham Malaysia campus, I moved back to Pakistan and worked for almost a year in the Telecom Industry. I always wanted to do something different and wanted to stand out in what I do. Well I had researched a lot and already decided that I would apply to UK for my masters. I looked into different universities and an ample amount of courses but University of Surrey stood out because of the unique courses it offered. It wasn’t an easy decision to make but the course that surrey offered was exactly what I wanted to do. They had set up a 5G research centre and I eagerly wanted to be a part of it and that made my decision even easier for me. Plus I wanted to be closer to London so I could spend my weekends there and University of Surrey was just 30 minutes away from it. Well who doesn’t want to stay closer to London! It’s Just 30 minutes away now!

When I got my offer letter, the level of excitement could not be expressed and I was excited because I knew I was going to UK for a year full of excitement and adventures. I couldn’t wait to apply for my visa and travel to my university to start my masters. I got my accommodation offer for  Cathedral Court at stag hill campus which is our main campus so I live just 2 mins away from the library and only 5 min away from the student association. Everything is so close that even the lecture block is just seconds away from my court.


This is a picture of the campus in Autumn!

It’s the best time to be at this university because we are currently celebrating our 50th Anniversary and it has been a really exciting 2 months journey for me as I have managed to make friends from all around the globe. I am really excited to be here and couldn’t ask for more.  I am really looking forward to this adventure as I might experience my first ever snow as because it was -6C yesterday morning. I am so excited beacuase  these winters are going to be so much fun and I am going to experience my first proper Christmas celebrations. I will keep you all posted on my adventures here – please keep an eye out for my blogs.

Have a nice day!

Ahsan Ilyas