A Look into University Accommodation

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are all doing well. This week i am going to look into the accommodation options at our beautiful university campus here. As i mentioned in my last blog, I live in Cathedral Court at the stag hill campus which is almost just 2 minutes away from the library. The university accommodation is divided into 6 different bands ranging from Band A to Band F. I live in a Band C accommodation where i am living in flat with 6 other people of different nationalities. Its a wonderful experience to share and learn about different people and it helps to grow us a lot.

Accommodation is located at Stag Hill (main campus), Manor Park, which is near the Surrey Sports Park, or Hazel Farm. In my opinion, convenience is the biggest advantage of living at Stag Hill campus since the lecture theatres and seminar rooms are within Stag Hill, while students who do sports and gym quite often could consider living at Manor Park since it’s just a few minutes’ walk from Manor Park to our Sports Park.To me, although Hazel Farm is slightly far away from the main campus when comparing with the others, the surrounding environment is quiet and nice! If a more affordable option is the thing you’re seeking, it would be an ideal place to live.What’s more, the rent of Hazel Farm includes a free bus pass which you can go from Hazel Farm to Stag Hill campus, from Stag hill campus to town or wherever places in Guildford you want at any time.

A wide range of student accommodation is offered by the university and students can choose from band A to F according to the price and amenities provided. Preferences such as band and single or mixed sex can be indicated when applying for the accommodation, but these are only preferences and cannot be guaranteed that the allocation is exactly same as what has been indicated. Yet, the university would try their best to allocate accommodation according to our preferences.

A typical Band D accommodation!

Personally, I really recommend living in university accommodation to start your life at Surrey. Staying away from your parents and sharing a flat with someone else may be hard and challenging, but there are always places where you can find support from in the university. Once you are used to it and have got along with you flatmates well, living in university accommodation is fun.

If you have any queries regarding the accommodation just drop me an email at Pakistan@surrey.ac.uk.

Have a good Week! See you next week.