A Trip To Scottish Highlands

Hi all,

The first term came to an end and it was the best time of the year, the holiday season!As the Christmas break started, I had planned a trip to Scotland with some of my friends. We had planned to travel just before Christmas as i had exams starting just after my Christmas break and had to start revising obviously because it kept bugging me.

One of the coolest thing living in England is that u get a chance to visit some very beautiful places every now and then. For going to Scotland we don t even require a visa so it was relatively easy to plan. My journey started at London King`s Cross Station where a lot of trains depart to different cities in England and abroad. You can get there easily by underground after you arrive at Waterloo station with the train from Guildford. The Train took me around 4 hours to reach my destination Edinburgh!

After arriving at the Edinburgh station, we walked to the hostel we booked beforehand which was just 5 mins away from the train station and in the center of Edinburgh and near the famous Edinburgh Castle. The Hostel we booked cost us around £16 per person per night and we had planned to stay there for 2 nights.


Edinburgh Castle!

As Soon as we checked in it was time explore the streets and the beauty of Edinburgh. After having our lunch, it was raining so we decided to explore some of the indoor attractions first such as some of the famous museums.. The National History Museum is massive and literally took us 2 hours to walk around. It was free entry (Best for students!) and we were inside pretty much hours looking at all the exhibits. We also visited the Museum of Childhood which brought back some lovely memories of the toys/books we used to own as children. We peeked into the National Library, which is also a grand old building. We also visited the Camera Obscure and world of illusions and we were left pretty amazed by the attractions it offered.


On Day 2, We had booked a tour to Scottish Highland tour which was 12 hours long and took us around almost all of the highland beauties. We Went around to The Cairngorm Mountains , Inverness , Loch Ness , Ben Nevis (UK’s highest mountains) and Glencoe. I was very amazed by seeing these beautiful highlands and wanted to explore more but we weren’t allowed to stay a place more than an  hour because of time restrictions. At night after coming back to Edinburgh we had a chance to attend one of the comedy shows in the city.

A View of Ben Nevis Mountains                                                                                                                Iverness



Day 3 was the last day we had and we had planned to travel back to London at 4 pm. Unfortunately, we had to check out early in the morning due to hostel policies. we visited the sites that were slightly outside the city of Edinburgh. This included the Botanical Gardens and the hike up to Carlton Hill. Both again, had free entry, much to my excitement.


A 360 View from Carlton Hill

All in all, it’s a beautiful city with such friendly people (although sometimes it was tough understanding their accents). I would  like to visit it again sometime soon.

However, Now i am back to reality as the second semester has already started and a lot seems to have taken place after that trip including the exams. (they weren’t so bad jbtw!). Have a good Week! See you next week.