Students’ Union!!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are doing well. This week i am going to talk about the students’ union. Well i have realized that most of the people don’t know about the student union and what they actually do. In this Blog ill tell you all everything about the Student Union that you need to know so sit back and enjoy!

The University of Surrey Students’ Union is not-for-profit charity, independent from the University that represents all University of Surrey students on a local and national level. The Student Union office located in the same building as the Rubix night club and it is easily accessible for students.The union is led by 5 full time sabbatical officers, as well as 21 part time student officers. Every student is by default a member of the union. The union is split into 4 different zones: Voice, Activity, Support, and Community. Each zone is led by a full time officer. I’ll briefly explain what the four zones do:

Voice Zone- They are responsible for finding out students opinions on different issues that have an impact on student life at the university. The voice zone works alongside course representative for each faculty and level. This involves taking a lead on feedback surveys, ensuring all our election processes are fair and accessible by all students, and supporting students by raising awareness about the causes that they are passionate about.

Activity Zone-They are responsible for helping students increase their participation in extra-curricular activities without any barriers, such as being involved in sports clubs & societies.This involves campaigning for individual development through involvement in sports clubs & societies, taking a lead on promoting our Duke of Edinburgh Award programme, and running activities that students can get involved in.

Support Zone-They basically oversee the welfare of students (academic support, well-being support, training and development). The support zones also ensure that the Union has student support in mind, in all its activities.  This involves supporting students with well-being campaigns and ensuring that the feedback given by students on University support services is acted upon accordingly.

Community Zone- They are responsible for bringing student community together. This is done by, integrating the student community into the local community, and ensuring that there are volunteering opportunities available for students. This involves taking a lead on the entertainment & social activities on campus, welcoming new students and creating opportunities for students to participate in the local community.

The union is easily accessible by all the students and its always helpful to interact with one of the VPs of the zone.

Have a good Week! See you next week!