It’s almost Christmas break!

Next week will be the last teaching week before start of the almost 3 week long Christmas break.

Does that mean it’s time to party?!

Well… not quite. Or at least not for me. Of course there will be a lot of festivities for Christmas all over the country. And yes I will be enjoying those. Being a hobbyist photographer, yep, why would I want to miss opportunity to photograph vibrant setups?

However, it is also very cold here.

Guildford’s weather forecast for this week

Okay, maybe not that cold during the day, but it is going to get really cold in the evenings. As I am from Karachi, a city is not known for its cold weather, I still have not gotten used to the cold weather here and it is very chilly to stay out for long periods of time. Unless you are from somewhere in the North of Pakistan, then you too are going to have a hard time with the weather… specially as most programs start at the end of September, just when the winter is kicking in.

So, staying out and having fun? I think I’ll do that in the spring vacations.

There’s another reason why you don’t want to get lose and have fun. Exams.

Yep. If you are here to study, you have to sit in your exams. Which are due to start right after the Christmas break. I still don’t know my timetable for the exam, which is a bit annoying. I am not so proactive that I would start planning my schedule a month in advance, but it still helps with the anxiety (or does it?).

I hope I can keep a good balance of study and party and work (yep, there is part time work which I will hopefully write about soon). But my priority is my studies, so I just hope I don’t procrastinate as much as I usually do (who am I kidding? I am gonna have 12 hour sleep cycles, and probably binge-watch all seasons of 5 shows… Isn’t that what the Amazon Prime student trial is for? :D)