Thursday Market!

It’s been 3 years at the University of Surrey now and Thursday’s remain as my favourite day of the week. A big reason behind this is the Thursday market at the university. The market really is a special place for everyone in the university. As we approach the end of the week and can’t wait for the weekend, Thursday’s at the university offer a relaxing environment for the students and the staff by means of good and delicious food.


When I first started to go to the Thursday market it used to have less food stands but over the years by constructive feedback from the students the number of stalls and the variety of food has increased radically. Not only does the Thursday market offers fresh food but it also gives the students an opportunity to grab fresh fruit and vegetables by bringing the farmers market to the university.

Some of my personal top picks for the food stands are; I’ll start with ‘Lord Falafel’ this stand has the best falafel wraps that I’ve had around Guildford. According to the chef the secret is in the chick peas.


Furthermore, there is the ‘bakery’ this food stand perhaps has every kind of baked good one can imagine or crave, from sour dough breads to croissants from cheese cakes to brownies, you name it and they’ll have it.

Apart from these, the Thursday market also offers many other cuisines like Paella from the Spanish and Chicken Katsu from the Japanese.

The pictures don’t do justice to how amazing the food tastes but no matter where you are from you will definitely find something delicious. It is the little things like these that have made my experience at surrey delightful.