Departing soon?

See you later Pakistan!

Got the admission, now what? This is the point where a candidate, like me feels excited and await their degree to start to experience an international environment. However, amidst this anticipation, and the wait to escape our existing routines for an exciting experience abroad, it is crucial to have a checklist of the things you will need and to do before leaving. Those of you who have already studied abroad and doing it again must have a fair idea about these things but those who have not should know that to avoid last minute hassles and exhaustion, its easy to complete the tasks beforehand. For instance, pack early. Packing early always keeps you at ease by keeping your checklist in line and you can include stuff which you did not wrote earlier on your sheet. As Pakistanis, if not all but some of us face the luggage problem since most airlines are not ‘generous’ on the weight limit, so packing early also helps to keep the weight in check and to include important stuff only. Moreover, make sure to complete your research on the documentation you will require for both your university admission and Visa. There is always one doc or two that we either forget or we do not know that we require it so its beneficial to consult with someone about it beforehand. A good thing about Surrey university is that they guide you well on the documentation and even handy personal stuff which international students might require so could be useful to follow that.


It is also crucial to pack adequately or sufficiently. To achieve this and those of you who have not traveled to UK before, pack good winter clothes! The UK weather confuses our expectations where when we research that it does not snow much in comparison to, for example, Canada, we believe the winter temperatures to be bearable and yes indeed it is bearable. But the winds will surprise you and you will probably think I should not have left that puff jacket I kept while visiting the north of Pakistan. Most of you will be coming in fall season and even if you are coming in spring, whatever fashion you follow, keep a good quantity of warm clothes as you will require in the winters at least, as a result of frequent rainfall and strong winds over the year. Furthermore, although we should go with own itinerary and whatever suits us, but it would be advisable to come to the university before the welcome week and not skip that. Welcome weeks occur globally in universities and if discussing specifically about Surrey university’s, it provides an excellent mix of social events and seminars for students to familiarize with the institution, its rules and the life it provides in general. Plus, its also good to make new friends quickly and get accustomed to the place you will be spending the coming year/s in.