Get through it and enjoy it!

Four months down the lane and feels a day ago since I came here. More months to go, but already have learnt and experienced so much. From frequent travelling to immense studying and project submissions, this semester has been incredible. I do not remember days where I have been free as there is always something going on.

Let’s talk about studies. Say that you were thinking that when you come here you are going to live in a chill zone, where you socialize and party and yeah, do some study as well time to time. But it caught me off guard that a postgrad degree can require lots of study hours and commitment, more than what I imagined. Every month I had projects and amidst them, mid and final papers. So, it is important to note the following. Do not procrastinate! Although, I was careful not to, but at some instances I am guilty of prolonging to cover class content. Leaving course material and work at the last minute can put heavy costs on the projects/assignments and exams. In the end, you just aim to carelessly complete the work and target to ‘pass’ the exams, where you try to gulp as much information as possible a couple of nights before and might not even remember the stuff once the exams are over. It compromises learning a lot, you pay to come here and even if you are on scholarship, it’s best not to lose the time which you will never regain. I am sure these are the things everyone knows about and while reading you must be like ‘wow new information’ (like its common sense not to study a night before), but it’s always good to be reminded frequently because come on, we are students who have come to enjoy (and study).

Getting pass that project night with beverages and lots of crying

The final exams, from the period of mid-January to end-January just concluded, and I have seen the library full mostly in those days. Many have pulled all-nighters and boy, it was stressful. But one crucial thing I thought to point out is, do not take pressure. Easier said than done, even I had troubles not being stressful nights before papers but trust me when you are at ease you retain more information and can recall more material during the paper. Along with that, it’s also important to take breaks and socialize in between study sessions (best if you do group study if it suits, obviously). Talking to friends and classmates and joking around in between helps a lot because it distracts you from thinking about under-performing in the exams. Moreover, think of exams as a hobby or something you are doing on your own accord and don’t think of it as a test (that sounds depressing I know, but it will get you through) and think like you are chilling as well as learning in between. I know it seems sad, but the library was my chill space for the whole exam period but trust me it’s not that bad. It’s important to focus on doing your best and not worry about failing. So yeah, get through it and enjoy it. This all goes for both postgrad and undergrad study, but it’s certainly not all about study, you get time to enjoy life and party, a discussion for another time.