Captured Content Town Hall Meeting

Many thanks to everyone who joined us for the Town Hall Meeting on 1 May 2018, and to Jane Powell (Vice-Provost for Education and Students) and Alex Harden (VP Voice) for opening the meeting, and to Rhona Sharpe and Roger Rees from TEL for taking part in the discussion.

The main themes which were covered during the meeting were:

-the student perspective on flexible access to content and the importance of dialogue

-the broader teaching context and strategic aims underlying the proposed policy

-the key legal, ethical and educational reasons behind the need for a new policy

-issues and questions raised during the consultation so far

Jane Powell emphasised the purpose of the consultation and proposed policy:

‘What we need to come up with is an approach which really recognises the fact that there isn’t a one size fits all to capturing content in the most appropriate ways for subject areas and for teaching methods which are very different (…) so rather than focusing on a mechanism i.e. recording a lecture, what is about is focusing on an outcome. What is it that we want students to benefit from and how can we consult with students and staff across the University in a meaningful way to work out what works best in particular areas?’

The meeting has been recorded and can be viewed here. This Panopto recording has a table of contents which makes it easy to navigate the session and choose the sections you are most interested in. The Q&A section has also been recorded and the main discussion points have been summarised and added to the table of contents. You can also access the PowerPoint presentation here: Town Hall Captured Content.