Paramedic Science at Surrey

A unique insight into the views and experiences of our student paramedics at Surrey

Learning How to Uni

#HelloMyNameIsSophie, I am final year student paramedic. I started at Surrey in 2017, but before coming to university I did my A levels, then worked as an operating theatre assistant in my local hospital back home in Devon for two years and then went on to do an Access Course to Higher Education at my […]

Being a Newly Qualified Paramedic (NQP)

#HelloMyNameIsHolly I graduated from Surrey in 2018. I now work as a newly qualified paramedic (NQP), almost 1 year into my paramedic career with South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS). I am keen to help out student paramedics and other NQPs as I have been there and I know how daunting it is. Being an NQP […]