‘Sabina Anbreen – graduate in Accounting and Financial Management (BSc) 2.1’ Well that’s where I thought it’ll end but life had other plans for me!

Once graduating successfully from a top 10 uni I was ready to set out into the big wide working world, London’s renowned financial industry and economic hub. Having secured a graduate job I was amongst the lucky few who knew what was to come next. Hedge fund sector of Wells Fargo, America’s 2nd largest Investment bank, had offered me a graduate job starting July 2014. As excited and proud I was, a final year student can’t help but feel emotional about their last few weeks studying.

After working at Wells Fargo for 8 months I met a variety of people from all walks of life who all had different views on further study. Another year of study, at a much harder level, seemed daunting however my heart was set on it.

Once applying and successfully obtaining a place on the Business Economics and Finance MSc at Surrey I was ready to switch from employment back to full time study.
I hope to blog the challenges I may face and the experiences I encounter through this blog regularly.