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Research Seminar: 28th March 2017

A preference for the uncanny benefits creativity A popular view is that people are “wired” to dislike and avoid things novel and unexpected, because such events and situations signal potential threat and danger (Jonas et al., 2014; Noordewier & Breugelmans, 2013). But at many points in history, and in many contexts, an ability to approach […]

REDICLAIM Webinar 6 April

In 2006, the European Regulation on nutrition and health claims on foods (Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation (NHCR): European Commission No. 1924/2006) established, for the first time, a common framework for the regulation of such claims across the European Union (EU). The opportunities for product innovation arising from this new legislation combined with protection of consumer interest […]

Research Seminar: 14 March

Diabetes stigma The extent and impact of the problem There is growing awareness of the social stigma that surrounds diabetes. Further, understanding and addressing diabetes stigma is an emerging priority for international advocacy groups. However, before we can effectively mitigate this stigma, we first need to develop a thorough understanding of it. While there is […]

Research Seminar: 7 March 2017

Bullying Immigrant versus Non-Immigrant Peers: Moral Disengagement and Participant Roles in the two Contexts Young people with migration experiences constitute an increasing number of students in many European schools. To foster social cohesion and to prevent potential intergroup tensions in schools, it is of high importance to better understand the complexities of bullying episodes in […]

Research Seminar: 21 February 2017

Using food to soothe Attachment orientation and overeating Several studies report a relationship between body mass index (BMI) and disinhibited eating (a failure to restrict intake and to overeat). However, the aetiology of disinhibited eating is not well understood. In a series of studies, we considered a role for ‘attachment orientation’, a trait that reflects […]

Research Seminar: 28th February 2017

Cognitive processes in creative thinking Creative thinking is the source of amazing novel ideas and original products, which enrich everyday life and represent valuable contributions to arts and sciences. But what cognitive processes are involved in creative thought? This talk presents recent research investigating memory and attentional processes underlying creative idea generation from a cognitive […]

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