ILLUME Research Development Workshop

ILLUME image

Are two (different) heads really better than one when it comes to generating ideas?

In other words, does multi-disciplinary working enhance creativity? And if so, when and for which types of collaborations?

Today a research development workshop run by the ILLUME research centre aimed to explore these types of issues from a research perspective. The members also aim to ‘practise what they preach’ by developing ideas for a fundable programme of research examining these questions.

ILLUME is a multi-disciplinary research centre which aims to enhance the understanding and use of creativity and creative thinking. The centre is hosted in the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences at the University of Surrey, and includes members from across faculties including researchers and practitioners who study and use creativity in various ways. ILLUME is directed by Dr Paul Sowden and deputy-directed by Dr Almuth McDowall and Dr Birgitta Gatersleben in the School of Psychology (all members of the Enhancing Thinking research theme). As well as members from across the University of Surrey, ILLUME also has valued members, associates and advisors from external organisations.

So, we look forward to finding out how studying creatitivity can be enhanced by combining multi-disciplinary expertise from fields such as psychology, sociology, business, maths, digital media technology, literature, and the arts!