New paper: Understanding and treatment of anorexia nervosa

What impact will the new DSM-5 have on the diagnosis and treatment of anorexia nervosa?

A new paper by Sam Spedding and Martin Milton addresses this issue from a post-structuralist perspective. The paper, entitled ‘The body, the book and the organisation: Towards a post-structuralist understanding of anorexia nervosa and its treatment in a clinical setting,’ is published in the latest Counselling Psychology Review (a publication of the British Psychological Society).

Sam, who is training on our doctoral course in Psychotherapeutic & Counselling Psychology, says that the paper “also offers some suggestions and examples of how this impacts clinical work. It should be of interest to anyone applying psychology in a clinical setting – especially in eating disorders. In addition, I think it would be of interest to people who are interested in the philosophy of psychotherapy and in deconstructive approaches to psychpathology’.

Sam Spedding

Sam Spedding

Co-author Martin Milton is a chartered counselling psychologist who worked at the University of Surrey for 13 years and was course director for the PsychD in Psychtherapeutic & Counselling Psychology before moving on to Regent’s University.

Link to the journal: