New project to explore how students receive and use feedback

How can we encourage students to benefit the most from the feedback they receive in the course of their studies? This is a hotly debated topic, and Dr Naomi Winstone and Dr Rob Nash have secured funding from the Higher Education Academy to explore the issues and identify steps forward.

Project summary:

Much research and policy on assessment and feedback focuses on delivery: how educators can communicate, structure, and present feedback optimally. Yet a promising approach to improving students’ ability to benefit from such feedback might be to better understand ways to promote its reception: training students in how best to use it, assimilate it, and implement it in future goals. This project will set out to establish an evidence-base for the role of receiver effects in the appraisal and use of feedback. We will apply this knowledge through exploring, developing and sharing some good evidence-based recommendations for psychology students and educators.

Naomi and Rob will be working closely with their newly appointed Research Officer James Rowntree, as well as a Professional Training Year student who will be apppointed soon and will complete a placement working on the project. The project will run until April 2015.

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