Research Semininar: 15th December

IPT for treatment resistant depression

Twenty patients with treatment resistant depression were randomized to Mirtazapine versus Mirtazapine plus Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT). Patients were treated acutely with weekly IPT for 16 weeks and then the psychotherapy was reduced to monthly sessions for one year of a naturalistic follow up. Blinded rating revealed superiority for the IPT and Mirtazapine group with the Hamilton depression scores at week 26 (P=0.02) and week 52 (P=0.003); with the Beck Depression Inventory at week 6 (P=0.04) and week 26 (P=0.02) and week 52 (P=0.03) and with the Hamilton Anxiety scale at week 26 (P=0.01) and week 52 (P=0.02).
Following on from our preliminary findings of striatal activation with IPT in depression we also report dopamine D2 SPECT findings in sequence with this study group.

Elizabeth Robinson
Edge Hill University

4.00pm to 5.00pm in 01AC02