Research Seminar: 1st November 2016

Why is loneliness only seen as a problem of old age?

Loneliness, isolation, living alone and solitude are distinct concepts that can influence our health and wellbeing in different ways. In order to determine the impact of loneliness, and design appropriate interventions, we need to be clear about these distinctions. In this seminar, Christina will present a critical evaluation of the ‘received wisdom’ about loneliness in later life. in paricular the presentation will address two key questions:- (a) why aren’t all old people lonely? and (b) is loneliness really bad for old people?

Prof Christina Victor
Brunel University London


3.00pm to 4.00pm in 01 AC 02


Christina Victor is Professor of Gerontology and Public Health in the College of Health and Life Sciences at Brunel University London. Her principal research interests are in understanding the social context of ageing and later life and, in particular, loneliness and social isolation; care and caring; growing old amongst minority communities and physical activity and exercise. She is also ViceDean for reasrch in the College and leader of the Ageing Studiestheme in the Instiute for Environment, Health and Societies.