Research Seminar: 8th November 2016

Teaching the understanding of emotions to children

Numerous studies have showed that children’s understanding of the nature, origins and consequences of emotions (i.e. their emotion understanding) is linked to their pro-social competences, psychological well-being and more recently to their school achievement. These studies raise the interesting question of whether it is possible to improve emotion understanding in children. Although the potential importance of helping children in this domain has long been emphasised in psychotherapy, there has been little research on the issue with typically developing children. Two studies assessing the impact of two different intervention programmes (SMILE and P4C) on pre-school and school children’s emotion understanding by the mean of the Test of Emotion Comprehension (TEC) will be presented. The theoretical and practical implications of these studies will also be discussed.

Professor Francisco Pons
University of Oslo

3.00pm to 4.00pm in 01 AC 02


Francisco Pons (Ph.d., University of Geneva) is professor of developmental psychology at the Department of Psychology of the University of Oslo. One of his main research interests covers the development of emotion understanding and regulation (nature, origins, consequences) in typical and non-typical children and adolescents (e.g. deaf, autistic, abused, clinically anxious, mentally retarded) from Western and Non-Western societies (e.g. Quechua from Peru, Fongbé from Benin, Arabic Christian & Muslim from Lebanon). He is the co- author with Paul Harris (Harvard University) of the Test of Emotion Comprehension (TEC) which has been translated into 25 languages so far. He is also interested in cognitive and metacognitive development and by the integration between developmental psychology and education.