Shakespeare and Contemporary Theory #25: Shakespeare and Ecofeminist Theory with Rebecca Laroche and Jennifer Munroe


Neema interviews Rebecca Laroche and Jennifer Munroe about their forthcoming book Shakespeare and Ecofeminist Theory for the Arden Shakespeare and Theory series. Links for the Early Modern Recipes Online Collective and the Recipes Project can be found below, as well as a recipe for “Candy Angelica”.

EMROC (Early Modern Recipes Online Collective):

Recipes Project:

“To Candy Angelica” (from “Cookbook of Mary Cruso and Timothy Cruso,” c.1689, Folger MS x.d.24)

Take it in April, when tis young, cut it in lengths ___ nail long, lay it in water a day &
Night, then boil it tender, shift it once in a boiling; then take it up & strain it, then put it
In your preserving pan with a little sugar, & asmuch water as will cover it, set it on a slow
fire, & it will turn green; then take it out & drayne it; to a pound of Angelica take a
pound of double refined sugar; then take half the sugar, and a little water, and preserve it in it;
let it lie in that syrup a week; drayne it from the syrup, put the other half pound to candy,
then put your Angelica to it; let it boil a little till it is candyed, then lay it out upon your sieve to dry.