Shakespeare and Contemporary Theory

Rethinking approaches to Shakespeare and early modern literature for the 21st century

Shakespeare and Contemporary Theory #19: Shakespeare and Cognition with Raphael Lyne

To kick-start season 2 of Shakespeare and Contemporary Theory, Neema spoke with Dr Raphael Lyne from the University of Cambridge about the ‘cognitive turn’ in Shakespeare studies and what studying Shakespeare might be able to tell us about the human mind. Be sure to check out his blog, ‘What Literature Knows About Your Brain’:

Neema Parvini’s new book Shakespeare and Cognition: Thinking Fast and Slow Through Character is now on sale

  You can find it either via Palgrave’s own site here or on Amazon here. Shakespeare and Cognition challenges orthodox approaches to Shakespeare by using recent psychological findings about human decision-making to analyse the unique characters that populate his plays. It aims to find a way to reconnect readers and watchers of Shakespeare’s plays to […]

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