5 LinkedIn Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to using social media for professional purposes, LinkedIn is the top channel to consider. If you’re attending a meeting or a conference, chances are attendees with attempt to look you up beforehand. It is one of the best places through which you can build your professional connections and build your network – with 347 million users (and counting) it’s not going anywhere soon.

If you’re looking to spruce up your LinkedIn profile and make an impression, here are five things you should avoid:

Not Using a Picture in the Profile

The very first thing people will see when looking at your profile is your picture. However, a lot of people have LinkedIn profiles that do not have any image at all. According to LinkedIn experts, you’re seven times more likely to have your profile viewed if you have one!

Therefore, if you’re looking to be found and build your connections within your industry, it’s a definite must-have on your profile.

Ignoring the LinkedIn Summary

Although many people don’t include a summary on LinkedIn, it’s the perfect place to showcase your career highlights and achievements. If you’ve written a high profile paper or won an award, this is the place to highlight it rather than hiding it in the bulk of your profile. As well as being a place you can truly sell yourself, using keywords in this section can help improve your visibility in LinkedIn search – so if people are looking for someone with your skill-set, you’re more likely to feature.

Not Knowing about LinkedIn’s Privacy Settings

When initially setting up your LinkedIn profile, everything will be set to public. This means whenever you make a new connection, join a group or edit profile information it will appear in the newsfeed and alert your current connections. If you don’t want everyone to know you’ve making changes to your profile, try editing your profile settings, information on which can be found here.

Eliminating Past Work Experience

Although you might now be in a senior position, it doesn’t mean you should ignore your past roles. All of these will exemplify how you’ve reached where you are today and likely showcase completely different skills you might have now (as well as achievements!). Furthermore, it allows people from previous companies you’ve worked in to find you more easily and potentially recommend you.

Not Integrating your profile elsewhere

If you have your own website, blog, or staff profile you can link to your LinkedIn profile from there. It’ll increase the visibility of your profile as well as showcasing a more professional side of you compared to other social media accounts.