All You Need To Know About Storify

What is Storify?

Storify is a web based tool for curating content that allows users to create stories or timelines using their various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube as well as other resources. You can use the tool to bring together certain information you’re after from past or present events.

How do I use Storify?

Creating a Storify Timeline

Click on ‘Create Story’ one the top right hand side of the page to start your timeline. From there you’ll be sent to a bare looking page which you will see your timeline on the left and the place to add content in a panel on the right. The first thing to should do is create a name for your timeline in the top panel of your timeline.

With Storify you start with a plain timeline for you to add in all your content from your social media platforms. The different media doesn’t have to come from your own personal accounts. You can add content from tweets to your account or images with a certain hashtags. From the options along the right hand side of the page, simply find and select content or find the link of the content then drag and drop it onto your plain timeline.

For example on the Twitter tab you can search for hashtags and from there you can drag and drop the tweets associated with that hashtag onto your timeline.

Adding Text

To add in text or headings all you need to do is select the ‘insert’ button at the top left of the page. From there, you can add in your text and also drag it to different areas of your timeline just like with your content.To break up your content you can add in horizontal lines to create different sections of content if you wish.

Adding video

Adding in video to your timeline is incredibly easy to do. Just like with adding content from Twitter and Facebook, you can add video from YouTube or Giphy. You can add this content using a few methods including copying and pasting video links into the link box or through finding the videos on YouTube and gifs through searching for keywords.

Ordering content

There’s no need to worry about the order your content as you go. Storify allows you to reorder the timeline by simply dragging it to where you would like it positioned.

What makes a good Storify?

Storify is a great tool to tell a range of different stories. The tool gives you the ability to curate content from different social media platforms into a coherent narrative. When telling your story you will need to include headlines, introductions and text to help your story to flow. Make sure you add in text so that you provide your readers with further context.

Vary the content to include into your story. It can be easy to rely on Twitter content to make up your story so make sure you mix it up with posts from other platforms. By adding in a mixture of user generated content to help tell the story of an event, people will begin to feel more involved with the event and are then more likely to create more content to be used in future Storify events.

Including multiple content can lead to your Storify looking a little cluttered and messy. So with this in mind make sure you’re including relevant content only. This way you don’t risk confusing and alienating your audience.

For more info on how to get started on Storify see the below video.