Keep it Short: Making Content for the Modern Reader

Within recent years social media and smartphones have been revolutionising how people consume information. From skim reading to shorter attention spans, if your content doesn’t grab their interest within first few seconds, then there is probably no chance they will continue to watch or read what you have to say.

People are using their mobiles or tablets to consume video and content more and more. These mobile consumers are more likely to then share the content they read and watch than those watching from a PC. Mobile consumers actively seek for branded content to help them find instant answers held within video. The current generation of internet consumers live in a world of “instant gratification and quick fixes” which leads to a “loss of patience and a lack of deep thinking”. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you hold people’s attention.

Put the Important Stuff First

The attention spans of people these days have become increasingly shorter. All content has evolved to be shorter but, have the same impact as longer blogs and videos. Embarrassingly, the average attention span is only eight seconds long. Consumers no longer have the time or patience to watch long videos or read long posts.

Put your most important points first to grab reader’s interests then once you’ve managed that, keep the rest of your content short and to the point.

More to Video

With Google’s recent algorithm changes if you have made a video or attached one into your posts, then it will rank higher in Google search results above any plain posts.

Keep in mind people no longer have the time to sit down and watch five minute videos, so if you have lots to say why not create a series of short videos on the subject?

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Be Concise

To instantly capture someone’s attention is sought after in all content creation. You need to short and to the point from the beginning, so make sure you state your point in your opening paragraph.

Use shorter paragraphs, clear sub headings and bullet points to break up your content. Anything longer than 3 sentences and people are more likely to switch to another link before they have begun to read what you have said.

 Why use bullet points?

  • They create fascinations your readers can’t resist

  • They’re an easily scannable way to present multiple points

  • They can help to break up text, so they provide a visual break for the reader

As a rule keep it short. If a user visits your blog it’s great they want to know more, however they might not want to have to sit through a 10 minute video. Short and to the point videos can have a much more positive effect, and if the consumer wants more information they can then read more in your blog articles.