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Instagram for beginners

You’ve probably heard people talking about it – since being bought by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has steadily grown in popularly, now boasting a huge¬†300M active monthly users. Instagram is all about photo sharing. Although using photos on channels such as Facebook and Twitter is advisable, Instagram is entirely image-led (or 15-second video-led), although they […]

5 steps to formulating your social media strategy

  When you’re managing a social media presence, it’s important to have key objectives – what is all your hard work actually trying to achieve? By putting together a social media strategy, you’ll ensure you’re able to measure the benefits of your activity, providing you with direction when sourcing and producing content. Here are five […]

Tricks for running your Facebook page that you might not have known about

Running a Facebook page is very different from looking after your own personal account. Although the basics are similar, Facebook offers many features for pages that will both help you and improve the experience for your Facebook audience. Here, we list just a few of the features you can make the most of: Post end […]

Choosing images for social media – things to consider

Images are the key to success on social media. Adding visuals to your post can greatly increase your engagement and post reach if chosen correctly. If you were scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed or Twitter timeline, which are the posts that catch your attention? Usually these are posts that feature an engaging image rather than […]

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