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A quieter month for our favourite apps: June Social Media Roundup

June was a relatively quiet month in terms of social updates for everyone excluding Instagram, but there are still a few exciting developments we need to update you on! More on those below…   Instagram – Introducing IGTV and music for stories Undoubtedly the biggest news of the month in the social sphere was the […]

Instagram TV: What you need to know

Last week, Instagram made two massive announcements. The first was not particularly surprising; the Facebook-owned company announced that Instagram now has 1 billion users worldwide. That makes it the third biggest social media platform in existence, behind Facebook and YouTube. Interestingly, their second announcement could make Instagram a much more serious threat to YouTube. Instagram […]

How the Instagram algorithm works

As we’ve discussed on this blog before, social media platforms are dictated by algorithms; a system which determines how the timeline works. Most of the big guns – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – had timelines that worked in reverse-chronological order, meaning that when you signed in you would see the most recent posts from the […]

Social Day 2018

Last week, I attended one of the leading social media marketing conferences in the UK – Social Day 2018. It’s a three day event held in London where social media marketers, agencies, industry experts and others gather to share ideas and make connections. There was a mix of keynote speakers, panel discussions and workshops – […]

Different posts for different platforms

  So, you’ve got some great content that you can’t wait to share on all your social channels; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram – the whole lot. Now, that’s a fair few posts you need to concoct – makes sense to write one, and just share it on every channel, right? Wrong. So wrong. Though they […]

The Facebook algorithm – how to make your interactions meaningful

Before shocking revelations were made about how it has been used for data-harvesting, Facebook announced a major change in its algorithm and the way users’ News Feeds would work. In January, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the algorithm would now prioritise content from “friends, family and groups” over content from brands. “As we roll this out,” […]

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