Your 12-step checklist for winning social media posts (part 2)


Last week we shared the first part of our 12-step social media checklist, here we look at the final six points for winning social media posts.

7. How many times have I already posted something today?

We know you’ll have a lot to say, but posting too often can bombard your followers and often cause them to unfollow you. Different channels have different expectations in terms of the number of posts that are acceptable each day. For example, Facebook posts should be 1-2 times a day and LinkedIn just once a day – Twitter on the other hand can be more frequent at up to 5 times a day.

Another element to consider is when you’re audience are most likely to be online. If you feel your audience is working professionals based in the UK, consider their working hours and when they’re likely to be on Twitter. By tying this in to your posting strategy you’ll allow yourself to reach more relevant people.

8. Did I spell check?

As with incorrect URLs, this is another simple one and does happen to all of us. It’s always worth getting a second opinion before you post something out. This also applies to incorrect grammar and punctuation – capital letters and apostrophes are still required.

If you’re posting from a brand level account, or one where you’re aiming to enhance your professional reputation, this is particularly important.

9. Would I be happy for anyone to see this?

When posting on social media, everything you post should be done with the assumption that anyone and everyone will be able to find and read it. This often isn’t the case, however it isn’t always private.

Before you post anything, consider who you’d be happy reading it. If is isn’t everyone, you might want to avoid it. Consider whether it might cause offence if misunderstood or whether you’re sharing personal details or information you don’t want in the public domain.

As a rule of thumb: if in doubt, do not post. 

10. Has this communication been well thought-out or am I being reactive?

Pausing to reflect on a post before hitting send is important, could you be reacting to something in the heat of the moment?

As with point 9, consider whether anyone could be offended by the post. Could it be communicated in a better way or through a different channel rather than on social media? Is this really something I’d want to share and is valuable to my audience?

11. Could I make my post more visual?

Visual posts across social media receive greater engagement than purely text-based posts. Likewise, slides and videos are also highly visual and receive greater interaction.

Test the theory for yourself – try the same post +/- an image and check back on the analytics. Adding that image makes all the difference, helping your post to stand out from the large amount of ‘noise’ on social media.

12. Did I make the most of the opportunity?

Instead of simply posting a text and link update, is there anything else that you could have done? Adding in an infographic, poll or a quiz for example can help increase engagement and make it more entertaining for the audience. In turn, this will increase the shareability of your post, exposing it to new people who in turn may choose to follow you.