From South Korea to Surrey

Hear the perspective of a current South Korean student

Lunar New Year’s day (설날)

Hello! I am Wookjun Lee who study International Tourism management master’s course. I uploaded late but, February 1st was Chinese New year’s day. Chinese celebrates as 春节(Chun Jie). It means the new spring festival. However, also in South Korea, we celebrate really big. There are several public holidays in South Korea, among them Lunar new […]

Experiencing Covid-19 booster shot

Hello! I am Wookjun Lee who is studying 2021/22 MSc International Tourism Management. These days, Covid-19 symptoms become more serious. Significantly, the Omicron situation becomes worse and worse. The United Kingdom recorded more than 100,000 new cases, and these days, South Korea also recorded more than 15,000 new cases, so that dire situation continues. Hence, […]

Ruminating Semester 1

Hello! I am Wookjun Lee from South Korea. I am studying MSc International Tourism Management. The first semester is finished. Especially, for me, I finished the semester on the 12th of January 2022 after submitting the assignment. Throughout the semester I gained a lot of lessons. Firstly, taking care of health would be the most […]


Hello! I am Wookjun Lee majoring in international tourism management master’s course. This is my second time writing a blog. This time, today I would like to write about laundry. These days, sanitation is the most important because of covid-19. Moreover, the variant of covid-19, called Omicron, has appeared so that many citizens of the […]

Christmas gift from School

Hello! I am Wookjun Lee. I am in a Master’s course and majoring in international tourism management. It’s my big honour to work as a student ambassador. This is the first time writing a blog. Today I would like to write about Christmas. During the Christmas period, professors and students have a vacation. Not all […]