Arriva Listens to Surrey Students

Since the beginning of the semester, the Student Life Mentoring Team have collected and collated complaints received about the Arriva Bus Service and other transport issues.

To ensure any concerns or complaints are being gathered in an efficient way, mentors communicated to the students to take as much detail as possible about each incident, specifically the date, time and registration plate.

On 20th November, a panel of staff, students and student representatives (including a member of the Mentoring Central Team) met with two Arriva representatives to discuss the issues raised so far this year.

The panel members representing Arriva took on board all our comments and  have already taken action. They have added extra services to the Manor Park/Stag Hill route to free up capacity on the Hazel Farm services; a name badge audit took place to find out if driver’s were wearing name badges; and  discussions have begun with Trade Unions about customer service perception for bus drivers.

There are also three ‘Next Steps’ that Arrive will take to resolve more issues:

1. The University and Arrive will monitor load data to make sure the  new services to Manor Park are working well.

2. A new student complaints procedure will be published.

3. The University will employ a small group of students to undertake regular spot checks of the Real Time Passenger Information effectiveness and accuracy, and feed this back to Surrey County Council, Arriva and the University.