Support teams welcome new students

All support teams have worked incredibly hard this year to ensure all our students have been effectively welcomed and helped to settle into life @ Surrey.

International teams welcomed students at the airport delivering orientation programmes to aid their transition into life and study in the UK.

While over 3300 new students arrived in accommodation to be welcomed by staff wardens and student mentors. Over the last month student life socials have helped students get to know each other. Student peer mentors have given out bonding bags promoting shared understanding and approaches to common challenges around cleaning and communication!

“Surreystudent” social media channels have delivered digital IAG to a record following, see facebook & twitter!

The Student Centre has had its busiest 4 weeks of the year, with colleagues from finance, hr and marketing helping queue bust.

In the last week teams from faculty hubs have visited to learn more about the ‘student life’ (general help, accommodation issues, money costs,  budgetting and diand hardship, visas and registration) support teams offer. To arrange a visit by your department just contract Ruth McLeod (

Overall an incredibly successful start to the new academic year.