Student Life – Peer Support Service

4,015 new students at Surrey (undergrad and postgrad), having arrived for the 2015/16 academic year and living in University residences (main Stag Hill campus, Manor Park and Hazel Farm) have been allocated a Student Life Mentor who exist to support these new students as they transition into life as a student at Surrey. Mentors are recruited and trained before the start of the first week of the academic year and now in week 6, are getting to know their allocated residents really well.

Student Life Mentors are students themselves, often final year undergrad, post placement year students, who have vast experience of Surrey. They visit their allocated students each week to have a chat, offer advice and give updates on what’s happening at Surrey. Their aim is to make sure students have the best possible experience at Surrey.

This week, mentors have been offering each flat a ‘communal living survival pack’ – containing a bottle of washing up liquid, cleaning cloth, bubbles (students just love these!) and, most importantly, a poster all about living harmoniously with other people. A student mentor designed this for us and they have been very well received by students. We are working on evaluating this activity at the moment to see how effective they are at helping students live well together.

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