Helping Others

The Student Services Centre’s focus is on helping other people, usually our own students, but 15 members of staff based in the Centre decided that, following on from the recent Community Day where many of us  spent a day helping a local charity, decided that we would help others with our own money this time. We agreed that rather than buying a £5 ‘secret santa’ gift for each other, we would put our cash to a more meaningful use in donating it to the local food bank in North Guildford.(

This week we received grateful thanks for the £75 donation we sent just before Christmas, the letter also said: “We provided short term food provision for over 1,300 people last year, half of whom were children. Without donations from people like you we would not be able to serve those struggling in the Guildford area.”

What a great way to work together to help other people – and support a meaningful cause on our doorstep.