Mentoring in the University Residences is back for Semester Two!

The Student Life Mentors are back working, supporting all of our first year students living in the residences. A mentor wrote as part of their ‘shift log’ following their first shift back this week:

“The shift today went extremely well. I was able to meet many of my newly allocated students, many of which have arrived on an exchange programme, meaning I was able to introduce them to some of the things about Surrey. Also today I met with the Warden for my┬ácourt at the start of the shift, this was great to catch up. Further, I also caught up with my students from the previous semester about their Christmas holidays and also┬átheir examinations. The general consensus was that everyone had a great rest and exams were ok for most.”

What a great start to the new semester! Onwards and upwards into the second part of the year, supporting our residential students through trained student mentors who really care about their peers.