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An Entire Year Exchange in Singapore?!

大家好 – Hello everyone! 我的名字是 Nikita – My name is Nikita. Okay, enough Mandarin. I am an International student from St. Lucia in the Caribbean studying Medical Engineering at Surrey. For my second year I decided to go to Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore! You might be wondering why I started off in Mandarin […]

Simple Introductions: Michael Harvey: Monash University Australia

Hey there!! I’m blogging whilst on my placement journey and would love it if you followed my placement experience through my shared postings. I thought I’d keep it simple to start off with and do a ten things about me. Where are you from? I guess the Australians would call me a typical Pommie – […]

Living In Madrid

Hi! Here’s a post all about what it’s like to live in Madrid! I lived in an apartment of 8 international students, which was owned by a (somewhat questionable) company that I found through the truly fantastic company CityLife Madrid. It’s an organisation that is dedicated to helping international students in Madrid, and it does […]

Studying at Comillas

Hi! My name’s Tess, I study French and Spanish here at Surrey, and I’m currently on my placement year! Studying two languages means I have to split my year 50:50 between two countries where my languages are spoken, and this post will be all about the semester I spent studying at the Universidad Pontificia de […]

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