Sweet 22!

Who doesn’t want to be in London for a weekend getaway? Well in fact, I didn’t visit London during the weekend, but on Monday where luckily I didn’t have any lectures to attend uni! As it was my birthday where I turned 22 years old, with my best friend we visited one of the pinkest, tastiest and most girly places in London the “Peggy Porschen” in Belgravia. ¬†Personally, this is my favourite cake store heaven on earth!! Kate Middleton actually visits the place really often and we know why! You can easily get lost amongst the cupcakes and you’ll be spoilt! Between us, we chose the strawberry and champagne cupcake and one of their specialities the banoffee cupcake. As it was my birthday, we had to get a “normal” piece of cake that was designed with hearts and glitter, as the Valentines day was right around the corner.


As I stayed to my friends house overnight, we had the chance to explore a little bit more London town even if it was freezing. The fact that even if you celebrate your birthday with one person or more, the most important thing is to be grateful of the people around you.

Can’t wait for next year xx