Surrey meets Greece

Learn about life at Surrey from two current Greek students

One trip that I will always remember

Hey guys ! I wanted to share with you one of my most memorable trips that I’ve ever experienced. As Easter holiday is on the way, I can recall the trip to Morocco last April! I have already told you that I really enjoy travelling and one of my goals was to visit North Africa. […]

Christmas at Surrey

Hi everyone, December is well under way at the moment and it is hard not to feel festive. Even if you are painfully aware of the assignments looming in the blue, post-Christmas period, a quick trip to London will fix your mood. Warning: you’ll probably be overwhelmed by Christmas lights, decorations in every store, all […]

A quick snapshot of my Surrey experience

Hello everyone, I am Alice – newly appointed student ambassador and enthusiastic 3rd-year law student! I have been in the University of Surrey for 2 and a half years and, let’s just say, it’s been a whirlwind! Moving to Surrey was definitely not the easiest decision I made and of course the prospect of law […]

New beginnings

It as been almost 2,5 years since I came to the UK straight from Greece and started moving in to the University of Surrey. Since then, everything has changed as I now live in a completely different environment. I now have new friends from different backgrounds and cultures, I currently live off-campus with two more […]

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