Hello, it’s Carola!

Today I wanted to talk about the UK culture and what to expect when moving to the UK. Hopefully, this will help you with your cultural shock and make the transition easier. But remember that experiencing a cultural shock is completely normal and it will fade with time. In the meantime, try to embrace the culture and try to meet new people and have new experiences, which is the key to adapting to a new culture.


  • Do not kiss people on the cheek unless you are close to them. In the UK it is more likely to shake hands when meeting new people or just avoid physical touch.
  • Saying sorry and thank you is never enough in the UK. Be over-polite and it will be highly appreciated.
  • British people are quieter than Italians so keep the volume of your voice under control when you speak (unless you are in a pub).
  • Be on time! Better be early than late.
  • British humour is a thing. It might be difficult in the beginning to understand it but time and being surrounded by British people will help.
  • People might seem cold, but it does not mean they do not like you; it is just their culture.


  • The UK has cultural dishes but do not expect a big selection as in Italy.
  • The positive side is that it is possible to try many different cousins since in the UK food from all over the world is available.
  • It is a must to try the English breakfast at least once.
  • Unlike the stereotype, tea is not as big, but it is still a staple of British culture.


  • The double-deck red busses and the black cabs exist for real and are a symbol, especially in London.
  • In the UK taxis can be expensive, Uber is a great alternative!
  • Do not expect public transports to be perfectly on time, also in the UK public transports are not highly reliable.


  • The weather is rainy and grey, but it is usually not too cold.
  • Be ready for drastic weather changes! It could be rainy and after 10 minutes be sunny.
  • Umbrellas are not widely used in the UK due to the constant rain and the wind which will make it difficult to use an umbrella. So, bring a coat with a hood and you will be ready to face the English weather.


  • English slang can be hard to understand at first, but you will get the hang of it quickly. Ask your friends and watch UK TV shows and you will become fluent in no time.
  • Remember in the UK they use Pounds, not Euros!
  • You need to know at least something about the royal family if you will be living in the UK!


  • Sports are important and a big part of British culture. By doing sport, you will find amazing groups of friends.
  • Clubbing is big at universities in the UK. Most students go out clubbing and make friends there, but do not worry if that is not your thing you can find many alternatives to have fun.
  • Pub culture is a thing. Pubs are everywhere and are where most people hang out.
  • You will most likely be living in student accommodation for the first year and that is an amazing experience!
  • It is likely for students to have a part-time job alongside university.
  • The campus offers everything you need and is the place where most students live as well, so you are always surrounded by students.

I hope you liked the content.

Happy holidays to everyone and see you in the next post,