Why Air Transport Management?

Ciao amici!!

I hope you’re all doing well 🙂

Today I just wanted to briefly share my experience studying Air Transport Management at Surrey.

This is kind of a specific course, right? I’d say so, and I must say I love that Surrey provides us with many very industry-specific courses. A master’s is the chance we have to gain a thorough understanding of the sector we would like to pursue our career in. So, the more specific, the better!

I have been in love with aviation since my very childhood. Unfortunately, I could not pursue a pilot career, so I thought, why not work in the industry, but from another perspective? One day, after finishing a book on aviation a very important person gave me as a gift, I read the author’s bio, and I found out about master’s courses in aviation management. Therefore, I started to do some research online, and when I found the one at Surrey, I immediately felt it was the right one.

Now, six months into the course, I must say I have been learning so much about this fascinating world. So far, I have always been taught by highly influential academics and industry professionals, who have shared much insightful knowledge gained through years of experience in the field. In my opinion, this is the true added value to a master’s course.

Some good Italian coffee is what you need to be motivated while working on the assignments 🙂

This master’s is giving me a unique chance to access a world that I felt had closed its doors to me for many years. Perhaps, this is what makes it so special to me. And this, guys, is what I would like you to think about when choosing a degree, both an undergraduate or postgraduate. Think about what you genuinely love, find what excites you, something you are never bored of, and go for it! Studying at university is a big commitment, so there is no point in choosing a course for any other reason unrelated to your passion or interests. This is what will motivate you to always do your best!

We are already approaching the mid of March, so I guess you’re counting down the days until you submit your application to study at Surrey unless you have already done so! Best of luck to you all; I truly hope to see you soon on campus!

A presto,