What to expect after a master’s?

Hey guys!

I hope you’re fine!

By this time, I think most of you will have already decided where and what to study next year. Hopefully, Surrey will be your next home!

If you are coming to Surrey to study for a master’s, you might already wonder, what’s next?

Well, first of all, let me tell you that a year might seem like a lot of time, but actually, it isn’t! So, I strongly recommend you start planning your next step well in advance. In this, the University of Surrey can provide the best advice thanks to its award-winning Employability service.

Our university benefits from so many connections with big companies out there, in all fields! From tourism and hospitality to business and research companies. Every month, the employability service will organise workshops and seminars on how to approach the job world in the best way possible. You’ll learn how to properly write your CV and cover letter and structure your Linkedin profile based on the suggestions of HR employees of the company you might have always wanted to work for!

Therefore guys, just check regularly the new job posting in the industry you’re willing to work! The University of Surrey is highly considered by large companies, so just apply as soon as you see an internship that might interest you! Even if you’re not done with your studies yet. It doesn’t matter; just go for it! But before applying, remember to have a chat with a member of the staff from the employability office!

The best of luck to all of you guys!