Weekly shopping at Surrey – where, when, and how?

Food, drinks, and household equipment is every student’s necessity when living and studying at the University. While there are a variety of options of where to go and do your shopping in Guildford, today I will talk specifically about the shopping options inside or near the Surrey University. This type of shops will probably be your favourite and be handy when you come to study here and decide to live on campus accommodation. 

Firstly, Simple Fresh is our main convenience store on campus. It is located at the heart of the University – inside the Library & Learning Centre and it is open 7 days a week. Specifically, the opening hours from Monday to Friday are from 7AM to 11PM, Saturdays 8AM to 10PM, and Sundays 12PM to 8PM. 

The store has all the essential ingredients and products that you can find in most convenience stores, while also having three coffee machines inside (2 of Costa and 1 of their own) and serving the best and most delicious croissants on campus hands down! They are freshly made every morning so there is nothing better than getting your latte from the coffee machine and having some fresh croissants on the go. Additionally, during lunch time you can go and grab a meal deal for around £3-£4 which will include a pack of sandwich, bag of crisps, and a drink. However, in terms of your weekly shopping, some products can be quite pricey and there is a limited availability and range of brands on offer. For this reason it serves better as a shop where you buy extra stuff rather than do all your grocery purchases all year round.  

That’s why Tesco, which is very close to main Stag Hill Campus and even closer to Surrey Sports Park and Manor Park Campus, is the best and most valuable option to do regular shopping. It is open from Monday to Saturday 24 hours per day and then Saturday it closes at midnight, while reopening again on Sunday between 10AM to 4PM. It is great for those late night studies when you need something in your stomach, your fridge is empty, and you just cannot wait until tomorrow because you have an assignment due. 

The shop itself has everything, starting from British type of food and products to European known brands, and even international options for Asian and Latin American people. It is considerably cheaper and you can get a Tesco Clubcard which will allow you to collect loyalty points and exchange them for various discounts with other companies. For the full list, you can check this website: https://www.tesco.com/clubcard/ 

It also has other shops inside, such as a pharmacy, coffee shops and Timpson which are all handy for ticking other things off your shopping and to do list. 

From my own experience, I always go there after my basketball training session on Monday at Surrey Sports Park because it is so convenient just to stop on the way to campus and get some food. Usually I would spend no more than £50 pounds and that would cover the whole week’s drinks and food all together. 

There are other shops in town too for those who would prefer a different shopping experience. You can find supermarkets such as Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, and Morrison in the surrounding area.