SurreyLearn is back with a new look and feel

The refreshed SurreyLearn is now up and running – thank you for your patience while we gave the system a makeover!

When you first log in you’ll see a more modern interface which gives your courses a more polished look and puts the focus on teaching materials and activities.

Responsive, accessible design

The new design is responsive, which means it adapts to different screen sizes and looks great on laptops, smartphones and tablets. You’ll find it much easier to stay connected and access SurreyLearn from anywhere.

SurreyLearn is now also fully compatible with assistive technologies, and from user preferences (under your name) you can now choose a different font size or the OpenDyslexic font.

New My Courses widget

The My Courses widget is now much more engaging – each module now has its own thumbnail and banner image. As a member of staff, this image is easily customizable by clicking on the three dots that appear when you hover over the image. You can also:

  • pin your most frequently accessed courses by clicking on the pin icon that appears when you hover over the image
  • organize your module list using the categories at the top
  • see your modules in a list view and search by clicking on the waffle icon in the top navigation
  • view all courses’ using the link at the bottom.

The new MyCourses widget


Improved navigation

We have revamped the navigation bars through several co-design sessions with staff and students. On SurreyLearn home, you will see links to Timetable, Library, IT, Self-Service and Help. On a module homepage, you will find materials, activities, and assessment, as well as tools to communicate and check progress.

Tailored information

On SurreyLearn home, you’ll now see timely tips, Programme Support and FEATS. Within your modules, you can:

  • see module leader details
  • if you’re a module leader, you can update these details via your profile
  • access your reading list and
  • use the new search function to find materials and information by title and description.

Better help

Student and Staff help pages have now been re-structured, updated and made more visible. The new search function helps you find support and guidance.

Turnitin improvements

It is now easier to find the Turnitin self-check tool via the button on SurreyLearn home. You will also discover improvements to Turnitin itself. Staff can now automatically sync grades as draft and there’s better navigation to Feedback Studio for all users.

Send us your feedback!

We hope you like SurreyLearn’s new look and navigation. This is the first step in a continuous improvement programme – more is soon to follow! Send your suggestions and feedback to